Pizzaio – Quebec City

Prior to our trip to Quebec, we looked at a few places we must eat when we got to Quebec City or Montreal.  One of the locations we had to visit while in Old Quebec City was a place called La Pizzaio.  Highly rated on, so it was on our radar while we were walking around.

The weather was warm and we snagged a seat on the patio.  The perfect setting for a frosty beverage and some tasty pizza.  The waitress we had was very friendly and accommodating.  Our lack of French certainly didn’t cause her any problems as she easily slipped into English to make sure we were not sitting there like a bunch of confused people.  While we chatted a bit while we looked over the menu, she mentioned that we should walk across the street to check out the train station.  Very beautiful inside she said, so we knew where we were heading afterwards.

Belle Gueule Beer