Cafe-boulangerie Paillard – Quebec City, Quebec

This morning we started the day in Old Quebec City at the Cafe-boulangerie Paillard.  We wanted something different.  Something more Quebecois and we found it at this quaint little cafe.  The early morning rain produced some hardship for the old building as there were several buckets set around the cafe catching water leaking from the roof.  This didn’t stop us from joining the line-up at the counter to order our food.

Bacon bread

My eyes searched the food counter looking at all the great pastries when they fell upon nirvana.  A Fougasse bun with lardons (bacon) and cheese.  Oh yeah, this was a must have for this bacon loving individual.  The bread was dense with cheese and bacon and definitely provided a really good meal for breakfast.  Couple that with a great cup of coffee and I was set for the morning.

bacon egg croissant

Cherie and Taylor opted for a hot meal by getting the egg and cheese croissant.  So while they were waiting in line for their breakfast to be cooked, I was sitting at the table watching people passing the window on their way to work.

The Foodie