Deville Dinerbar – Quebec City, Quebec

After our drive back to Montreal, we stopped at Deville Dinerbar for lunch.  Taylor did some research and really liked the menu and it was well reviewed on, so we figured we’d give it a try.

We started with the Kopanisti Dip and Chips.  The dip is a Mediterranean red pepper cheese dip that came with truffle parmesan chips.  These were very tasty, and the potato chips were warm, so you know they were fresh made.

Kopanisti dip and chips

Knowing Taylor like we do we knew she was heading for the burger.  The Deville Burger to be exact.  What a delicious looking burger.  Cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles, caramelized onions, tomato the Dinerbar signature dressing all on a brioche bun made for one mouth watering burger.  I must say I was a little jealous.

The Deville Burger

A burger looking that good, know wonder it brought a smile to the face.

Tay and Deville Burger

Cherie and I decided to give a couple appetizers a try so we grabbed the Crispy Mac n Cheese Wontons and the Chorizo and cheese Cigarillos.  The Cigarillos were very crispy and flavourful, unfortunately the crispy Mac n Cheese Wontons were a little bland.  Needed salt to bring it to life.  Great concept just didn’t execute well.

Crispy mac n cheese wontons

Deville Cigarillos

Over all the Deville Dinerbar was a great experience with great food and friendly staff.  Well worth a visit if you happen to be in Montreal with a few hours on your hands.

The Foodie