Bernie and the Boys Bistro – Drumheller, Alberta

Yesterday we decided to drive out to Drumheller and visit Bernie and The Boys Bistro.  After watching it on You Gotta Eat Here, we thought a nice drive out there followed by a late lunch or  early dinner would be nice.  It is about a 2 hour drive from our place, so it’s not something we were taking lightly.

After the long drive, we arrived at our destination.  We parked and walked up to the restaurant.  There was a sign on the door saying that they were not taking any new orders until 4pm!  We found that surprising so we went inside.  One of the servers was walking around serving people and looked our way a couple times, but never come over.  Finally I decided to walk over and talk to the lady at the cash register.

She said to me that the kitchen was so backed up that they were not taking orders until 4pm.  I looked at my watch and it was 2:45pm.  Over an hour before you take another order?  Seriously?  There are only about 15 people in the restaurant and it looks like the place can only hold about 20 or 25.  This just floored me.  I’ve never been anywhere where something like this has ever happened!.  There was no chance we were going to wait for over an hour before we could even place our order, let alone waiting for how long before the food was ready.  So we left.

The Extreme Italian sandwich at the Tim Horton’s in Drumheller was very tasty.  Unfortunately I could have bought that 2 hours closer to home and not spent $30 on gas.

The Foodie