Morning Breakfast

Some mornings just beg to have a full on eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and coffee…with a little Irish Cream added.  Today was one of those mornings.  School was just about to start.  The sun was shining and I was in the mood to do some cooking.



Instead of cooking indoors, I decided to get the gas grill going and make this breakfast outside.  Might as well enjoy the morning.  Started with diced uncooked potatoes in the cast iron frying pan while the coffee was brewing.  Once the potatoes were done, in went the green and red peppers, onions and chopped cooked bacon.



Always nice to have a little company while cooking and Shadow was happy enough to sit there and watch.



Once everything is looking about done, throw on a couple slices of processed cheese and let it melt over the hash browns.



To complete the meal, crack a few eggs on top and cover to allow the eggs to cook to a doneness that allows the yolk to still be runny and ooze down into the hash browns while you eat.  Top with a little salt and pepper and let the heat of the BBQ take care of the rest.




Thanks for looking,


The Foodie