Donair Pizza

We enjoy Donair’s as much as the next guy…well may not as much.  I’m not one for the sweet sauce that goes with it, but I make it none-the-less so the rest of the family can enjoy it.  Only this time we went outside the box and created a Donair pizza.


It started the night before when I mixed up the ground beef with the spices and ran it through our food processor to get the consistency you are looking for in a Donair meat.  Yeah looks like paste!  For me I topped it with a couple slices of onion to help add a little moisture to the meat while it cooked.



The next day is where all the action started.


First thing is to get the pizza stone onto the gas grill to get it nice and hot.  I set the BBQ to max, so usually hits around 600ºF.



Don’t knock the look.  The more your pizza stone gets used, the nastier it looks, but the better it performs.  All that is required is a hard scraper to get the larger chunks off and a stainless steel scrubber to finish it off.  You don’t want it to get wet, otherwise you’ll have to leave it alone for a while to dry out.


While the pizza stone is heating up, it’s back into the house to get the pizza dough spread out and topped with the Donair goodness.  We opted to pick up a pre-made pizza dough from Lena’s Italian Market.  It’s a time saver that doesn’t detract from the goodness of this pie!  I grabbed our pizza peal and topped with a little cornmeal to help from sticking and laid out the pizza dough on top.  I’m not a pizzaolio, so I’m not getting a perfect round pie, but hey, is it really required?




With the dough spread out, it was time for the topper.  Chopped Donair meat and onions.  Nothing could be easier.



And to show you how far out of the box we went, we added some fresh basil and drizzled with olive oil.



Now it’s onto the pizza stone for a few minutes to start the cooking process.  Sorry for the blurry photo.  Can’t trust an iPhone to take the best picture ALL the time.



Once the pizza has had a few minutes to cook, top with some mozzarella cheese.  Two blurry photos in a row.  Come on iPhone, you can do better than that!



Anyway, now that the pizza is done, top with some fresh sliced tomato and the Donair sauce.  Delicious.



Thank you for looking,


The Foodie