Renee’s Roadhouse Diner, Creston BC

September 2015:  UPDATE.


Renee’s Roadhouse Diner is closed.  Building issues have forced the diner to close its doors.



For whatever reason, when we’re at the cottage in BC, we have a hard time sleeping in.  It’s either too bright or too noisy with birds chirping to stay asleep.  Taylor doesn’t seem to suffer this affliction, but Cherie and I do.  For me, it’s a no brainer.  I get up and head outside to do some chores, of which there is a never ending supply.   But I digress.

Normally on Sunday we head back home to Calgary pretty early and the unfortunate thing of waking up so early is not having a great deal of breakfast selections.  We can either make something at the cottage before we go.   But then we’d have dishes to do.  We could grab some hand held food like a granola bar that we can eat on the road, or we can wait until a few more places open up.

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