Renee’s Roadhouse Diner, Creston BC

September 2015:  UPDATE.


Renee’s Roadhouse Diner is closed.  Building issues have forced the diner to close its doors.



For whatever reason, when we’re at the cottage in BC, we have a hard time sleeping in.  It’s either too bright or too noisy with birds chirping to stay asleep.  Taylor doesn’t seem to suffer this affliction, but Cherie and I do.  For me, it’s a no brainer.  I get up and head outside to do some chores, of which there is a never ending supply.   But I digress.

Normally on Sunday we head back home to Calgary pretty early and the unfortunate thing of waking up so early is not having a great deal of breakfast selections.  We can either make something at the cottage before we go.   But then we’d have dishes to do.  We could grab some hand held food like a granola bar that we can eat on the road, or we can wait until a few more places open up.

Well this time we decided to try Renee’s Roadhouse Diner in Creston BC.  We heard they were open crazy early, so Cherie checked it out and called and sure enough, open from 5:00am to 8:00pm daily.  This is great, a place to eat that matches our schedule.

Roadhouse Creston BC

So Sunday, we got up at our usual 4:30am and started getting ready to depart.  Packing up the truck and getting the cottage cleaned up.  We were on our way to Renee’s by 6:00am or so.


If anything, Renee’s would almost remind you of a general store from the outside, but inside it’s all greasy spoon dining.  The roadhouse theme is carried throughout with all the various road signs and license plates attached to the walls.  Somewhere someone missed a turn as the sign was tacked to the wall at Renee’s.

The waitress brought over a couple menus and a pot of coffee straight way.  At 6:00am, there wasn’t a lot of people there, but more and more steadily came in as time ticked away.  The coffee was good, so we had high hopes for breakfast.  Can you really screw up breakfast food?  Oh I’m sure it’s possible, but that didn’t happen here.

I opted for the meat lovers plate, which has 3 sausages, 3 strips of bacon, 3 eggs, 3 slices of toast, hashbrowns and a slice of ham.  I won’t kid you, it was an impressive plate of food and one that kept me full well past dinner time.

Roadhouse Meat Lovers plate

Nothing too fancy, just straight up breakfast fare.  My only complaint would be the sausages.  Not overly flavourful and almost seemed watered down (if such a thing exists).  Cherie went for the Chorizo omelette which came with toast, hashbrowns and Chorizo sausage and ham sprinkled on top and inside.

Roadhouse Extreme Omlette

Cherie also got some hollandaise sauce on the side, which is something we always think of asking for but rarely do.  Since they serve eggs benedict, they must have Hollandaise sauce, so why not?

Overall we were quite happy with our selections and the service.  The food is good and the portions large enough even for the biggest of appetites.  We look forward to trying lunch and dinner at Renee’s Roadhouse Diner to see if the good food can be had throughout the day

If you’re in Creston picking up some of the local fruits and vegetables and feel a little peckish, stop at Renee’s Roadhouse Diner to fuel up.

The Foodie.