Country Stew

Another episode of cooking outdoors.  On those days where you are fairly busy working around the yard, what better meal is there to make then stew?  You get most of the ingredients into a pot and let it slow cook all day!





As always you’ll need the fire, one of the most important ingredients in outdoor cooking, so get that going as soon as you can.




Once you’ve gotten a nice bed of coals to work with you can start to construct your stew.  For us, it was easiest to grab the stewing meat package from Costco.  It is already cut into cubes for you, so just seasoning and into the pot.  I like convenience.




At this point I just add a little vegetable oil and salt and pepper.  Let the meat brown nicely.  This adds flavour!  Once the meat is well browned, it’s time to add some chopped onion, a stick or two of rosemary, some dried oregano, fresh chopped garlic and the beef stock.  Pop the lid on and let it cook for an hour or so.  Be sure to keep the fire going, don’t want to forget that!




Add a can or two of button mushrooms, liquid and all, some frozen corn, peas, carrots and some cubed up or small whole potatoes.  Also, for some added heartiness, add some pearl barley to the mix.  It adds a nice flavour and thickness to your stew.  Adjust the liquid level with more beef stock if needed.  Again, cover and cook until the potatoes are fork tender.






Serve up yourself a nice big bowl full with a thick slice in Miracle Boule bread and enjoy.


The Foodie