Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill

Just across the Canada / US border in Porthill, Idaho you’ll find a BBQ Smoke house restaurant called Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill.  What a gem so close to our cottage in Canyon, BC.  We always stop to get gas and pick up parcels in Porthill and we quite happy to see a new restaurant open up.  The smell of the smoker is enough to set the mouth watering.  I mean where else can you get a 2 foot hotdog?

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Smokin’ at the Cottage

I love cooking and now that I can add a smoker to the mix, I enjoy it even more.  There is nothing like imparting the flavour of smoke in your food.  That and fire make for great food!




This plate of deliciousness was prepared on my Rocky Mountain Smoker.  Well everything but the potatoes.

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