Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill

Just across the Canada / US border in Porthill, Idaho you’ll find a BBQ Smoke house restaurant called Big Daddy’s Bar and Grill.  What a gem so close to our cottage in Canyon, BC.  We always stop to get gas and pick up parcels in Porthill and we quite happy to see a new restaurant open up.  The smell of the smoker is enough to set the mouth watering.  I mean where else can you get a 2 foot hotdog?


Sadly it appears like the 2 foot hotdog has gone the way of the dodo bird and is no longer on the menu.  Thankfully the rest of the smoke house favorites are still on the menu.


Unfortunately the service leaves a little to be desired at times, but hopefully it will improve with time and people.  The food has always been great when we’ve visited and we look forward to each visit we make.  The smoke has been down a few times we’ve stopped for gas, so those days we keep right on trucking through to Bonner’s Ferry where we found a great Mexican restaurant right in the heart of downtown.


The Foodie