Mac ‘N Cheese Cheddar Burger

Yeah I went there only I went outside the box a little with the mac ‘n cheese.  I made a macaroni and cheese bake with eggs to help hold the mac ‘n cheese together.  Once that task was accomplished it was just a matter of getting things on the griddle.





The Mac ‘N Cheese loaf will be a post for another time, but just realize that it is mac ‘n cheese only cooked with eggs and cream baked in a cake pan.  Once cooked and cooled, you can cut slices off and pan fried and server…only this time I threw it on a burger.










This time around we used a sausage bun as the bread to keep things from the ordinary.  Needless to say, it was delicious and I look forward to the next time I make it.





The Foodie