Tomato Salt

Saw this some where.  Not sure if Pinterest, the web or on Food Network, but thought what a great idea.  The basic premise is to dry the tomato skin then grind it with salt.  Adds a very intense tomato flavour to your foods.  Since I had an abundance of fresh tomatoes from my parents garden, I had access to tomato skins to give this a try.



First thing was to blanch the tomatoes to help loosen the skins.



Lay the skins out on a parchment lined baking sheet and put them in a 200ºF oven and slowly dry out over the course of a couple hours.  Flip every once in a while to ensure even drying.





Once completely dry, get out a grinder (I use a coffee bean grinder just for spices) and grind the dried tomato skins with salt.  Put in a resealable mason jar and use whenever you want extra tomato flavour like on store bought tomatoes and in tomato sauces.



The Foodie