Miracle Boule…in the fire pit?

Yes sir.  And boy was it ever good.




Start off with the basics.  Flour, salt, yeast and water.  Mix and let stand over night.



Next day add flour and shape into a ball and let rise a second time.




Now that the dough is ready, let’s get the fire going and the cast iron dutch oven ready.





Move the coals off to the side and get the cast iron dutch oven in to start heating up.




Once the fire was nice and hot and the dutch oven all nicely heated up, it was time to drop the dough in.




Cover and let the heat turn the dough into the best tasting bread ever.  During the cooking process, about 40 minutes, I would turn it about every 10 or so minutes.






After the 40 minutes or so, check the bread every once in a while after the first 20 – 25 minutes, the bread should be ready to pull out of the fire.




Let it cool, then get out your knife and butter and start enjoying the fruits of your labour!






The Foodie