More Jambalaya

I swear we’re Cajun at heart.  We do love our Jambalaya, or at least our take on the classic.




It all starts with the ingredients grilling with some Cajun seasoning.




I’m looking for the meat to be cooked fully and the veggies to be charred!




Then it’s back into the kitchen to chop everything up into bite sized pieces and ready for my well seasoned cast iron frying pan.




Top with a cup or so of rice and stir about.




Then cover with tomato juice and some more Cajun spices, this time I added Joe’s Hot Stuff.  Stir and throw onto the grill to cook.




While cooking, be sure to stir every once in a while to make sure the rice is fully cooked. It may be necessary to add more tomato juice to ensure ALL the rice gets cooked.  Cooking time can vary.  When things are close to being done, top with some shrimp and get ready to enjoy.




The Foodie