Burger time.

There is something about the smell of searing meat over fire that gets my mouth to watering.  I love a good steak, pork chop or chicken done over a flame.  The charring and sizzling of the meat is just nirvana for me.  So tonight was burger time.  Since we’re selling our house and moving into an apartment, the chance to use my large BBQ was coming to an end it was the last chance to get my grill on for a few days.





This time around I made my own Chorizo sausage meat and added about 1/3 to 2/3 ground beef.  Man did that ever make a difference with the burger patty.  Juicy and a bit spicy all at the same time.  Terrific.




I use a griddle on my BBQ so that I can get nice charring on my burgers.  It helps keep the juices in and flavours the meat with crispy goodness.




Just a little salt and pepper is all that is required when cooking this way.  After a couple minutes on one side, flip over and salt and pepper again.


Ever since seeing an episode of Barbecue Addiction with Bobby Flay, we’ve been hooked on the cheese skirt!  If you don’t know what that is, you’re in for a treat.  It’s basically processed cheese that you’ve let melt over the edge of the burger and let it crisp up around the edges on the griddle.  It’s like cheese crisps, only cooked in the juices from the burger.  Delicious!




To give  you the full benefit of what I’m talking about here, have a look at this short video!



A well formed cheese skirt will have a nice crispy edge all around the burger.  Once of these days I’ll try it with a combination of cheeses to see how different I can make the skirt.




After that, it’s build the bun the way you like and enjoy!



The Foodie