Fine Diner Inglewood Calgary

We had the opportunity to try the Fine Diner in Inglewood Calgary on Monday Tuesday morning as we had an appointment downtown. We’ve heard good things and it was on You Gotta Eat Here and John Catucci raved about it.




The wife and I had the Croque Madame with a soft poached egg on top.  The in house made Brioche bread is stuffed with gruyere and bacon and then fried and sat upon a pool of creamy mornay sauce.  Fresh fruit and mixed potatoes, both regular and sweet are on the side.   Unfortunately for me, there was way too much bread for the stuffing.  Everything tasted good, but the portion of bread to the gruyere and bacon stuffing was too lopsided in favour of the bread.  The fresh fruit and fried potatoes were on point and the coffee was excellent.  The location and atmosphere was quaint and cozy.

Our daughter opted to go for the breakfast burger (no surprise there).  It looked juicy and tasted good according to our burger expert.

Overall I’d give the Fine Diner 3.5 bacon out of 5.

The Foodie.