13 Best Burgers in Canada



I’m not sure I agree with this list, but since I didn’t vote and have not eaten at any of these restaurants I can’t base that on anything other than the fact I’ve eaten some really really good burgers and some not so good burgers.  With that being said, here’s the 13 Best Burgers in Canada as compiled by The Adventure Craze web site.


The Foodie




Onion Garlic Miracle Boule

I always like to experiment with some of the food I make, much to the detriment of the wife and kid.  Not sure why they balk they way they do.  They still enjoy it.  Anyway, this next Miracle Boule I tried using some flavouring in it.  I’m not sold on this one.  It tastes delicious, but just not the same rise I expect from this recipe.




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