Onion Garlic Miracle Boule

I always like to experiment with some of the food I make, much to the detriment of the wife and kid.  Not sure why they balk they way they do.  They still enjoy it.  Anyway, this next Miracle Boule I tried using some flavouring in it.  I’m not sold on this one.  It tastes delicious, but just not the same rise I expect from this recipe.





I put in some Cattle Boyz Big Country seasoning and some fresh chopped green onions.






The dough was very wet when I started the next step.  I had to add close to another cup of flour to make it workable.  With that and the heaviness, it just did not rise the second time like it used to.  If I attempt this again, I’ll definitely use more yeast to help that process.  Also, I’ll use dehydrated green onions to help with the moisture level.  I may also try it with some sharp cheddar cheese as well…and maybe bacon…


The Foodie