Vietnamese Subs

If you happen to be in Calgary, and downtown to be more specific, do yourself a favour and hit Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Subs and Bubble Tea.  The best Vietnamese subs you’ll find in Calgary.  I’ve had a few at other locations, but nothing compares.





They have several different flavours for their Banh Mi sandwiches, but the wife and I always go for the satay beef and satay chicken.  We like our food more on the spicy side.  The husband and wife team are always friendly and Helen remembers everyone by the sub they order.  For me it is always the satay chicken with no peppers.  I find the satay sauce to be from medium hot to spicy, so adding jalapeno peppers to the sandwich could be a measure in pain control!




Cherie always goes for the satay beef with no peppers and Taylor always goes with the milder honey chicken with no peppers or cilantro!


You will not find a better sub in Calgary and if there is a better sub, angles must sing while it is being made and those same angles must hand feed you to make it any better.


The Foodie