Real Foods – Creston BC

While out at the cottage this weekend we decided to have dinner out on Saturday.  Taylor had eaten at Real Foods in Creston, BC and wanted us to give it a try.  The restaurant is just off the main street in downtown Creston…I still get a laugh when I think of downtown Creston.  It is a pretty small town, but surprisingly has about 6 stops lights!  But I digress.  The restaurant is in the basement of a small building that has what appears to be a guitar store or guitar lessons office on the main floor, along with something else.  Wasn’t really paying too much attention as we were focused on dinner.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs the waitress said we can sit anywhere, and aside from the 2 tables that were reserved, we sat at the only remaining table indoors.  There is a patio, but we opted for the comfort of indoors, free of bugs and what not.



After looking over the menu we made our choices and stuck with water for a beverage.  It is fairly warm in Creston right now and the temp was hovering about 23ºC, so ice cold water hit the spot.  We decided to try their chips and dips as an appetizer to get us started.  Having read the menu and knew it was “french fries” as the chips, it still caught me by surprise when they showed up.  I was expecting potato chips like the snacking kind.  Oh well, they were fresh and crispy and came with three dips: roasted garlic aioli, tomato relish and chipotle mayo.  Of the three, my favorite by far was the roasted garlic aioli.  The tomato relish was too sweet and the chipotle mayo was just alright!


Taylor opted for the Ham and Chutney melt only she wanted the zucchini chutney on the side as she was unsure of how it would taste.



The chutney was sweet, but I think it would have made a great compliment to the ham melt.  The fresh greens and red onion with the melted cheese and ham made for a delicious sandwich.  This was a departure for Taylor as she’s usually a burger person when it comes to dining out!


Cherie had the Tikka Masala and wanted it extra spicy.  The waitress said it was spicy but they could take it up a notch and bring more spice to the table if she wanted.  Cherie always carries a small Tupperware container of chili peppers as sometimes getting that extra spices seems to be like you’re taking it from the wait staff’s personal stash!  Anyway, it was not very spicy so Cherie dipped into her chili flakes to make up for it.



The date chutney added a bit of a sweetness to the meal and since Cherie is not one for sweet and savory on the same dish, it sat pretty much untouched on the side of the plate, but she did try it, so I have to give her props.


Me I went with the fish and chips.  Since this is supposed to be a “British” style restaurant, I was expecting great things from the fish.  You can have it served wrapped in newspaper like in the old days, or how I chose it, plated.  I’m not sure if the newspaper would that much fun to the dish but you never know.  Anyway, the fish was nice and crispy and the chips were every bit as good as the appetizer.




I’m not a huge fan of malt vinegar, so I asked for white vinegar.  After liberally applying the vinegar to my fish and chips I noticed several small bugs floating in the vinegar jar.  Going back to my junior high days I knew the bugs were probably well preserved and shouldn’t have done much to alter the quality of the vinegar, so I opted to only say something after the meal was complete.  Unfortunately they chose not to do anything about it other than take the vinegar jar away and I assume empty and refill with fresh, but who knows.


Aside from the buggy vinegar, overall the food and service was great and we’ll most likely go back and try some of their other offerings.  The Foodie gives it 4 stars out of 5.  The bugs really did detract from the whole experience.


The Foodie