Eggs over easy

Nothing like a great start to a Sunday with a great breakfast.  Bacon, hashbrowns and eggs.






We like to start our hash browns off with our hash brown mix.  This consists of chopped onion and red and green peppers.




Once the veggies has cooked for a bit, I add chopped up bacon.  Everything tastes better with bacon.  Once done to my satisfaction, it is time to add the hash browns.




Add some salt and pepper and then start tossing it around to get the onion, peppers and bacon mixed throughout.



Once the hash browns are cooked to desired doneness, add some cheddar cheese and cover to help melt the cheese.







Once the cheese is melted, add your eggs and salt and pepper to taste.




Cover to help cook the whites and leave the yolks runny.






Serve with your best cup of coffee and Bailey’s!





The Foodie