Fionn MacCools’ in Red Deer

Was in Red Deer yesterday visiting a friend we haven’t seen in over 15 years.  While there we decided to stop at Fionn MacCools.  We’ve been to the location in Calgary several times and have enjoyed the food every time.  Ang hadn’t been, so it seem like the perfect opportunity to introduce her to the greatness.  The location was handy to our meet up spot and the parking was amble.  The staff friendly and fairly attentive.  The food for the most part was spot on.  I opted for the Chips and bacon butty.  A phenomena straight out of modern day London England.



The concept for this bacony goodness seems great, unfortunately this execution was not pleasing to my palate.   For me the addition of the mustard was the oddness to this meal.  I’m sure if they use a grainy or spicy mustard versus the French’s yellow mustard I would have enjoyed it more.  The bacon was crispy as well as the chips but the ketchup and mustard threw me.  I would have preferred a garlic aioli or a different mustard to make the bacon sandwich over the top.


The Foodie