The Park Kitchen and Bar

The celebrate my brother’s retirement, we took him to The Park Kitchen and Bar in Quarry Park.  It is a close walk from our place and we’ve always wanted to try their entree’s versus just their appetizer and drinks.  On this occasion I decided to try the Surf and Turf burger.  The burger comes with butter poached lobster so I thought why not give it a try.


For my side I chose the garlic mashed potatoes that come with their chicken gravy.  To be honest, the poached lobster really didn’t add anything to the burger other than cost!  There was not much in terms of flavour that contributed to the burger.  The beef patty was spiced nicely and the sauce, onions and tomato masked the flavour of the lobster so it really wasn’t worth the added $2.


The garlic mash was certainly a nice departure from the regular fries, but after sampling Taylor’s fries either choice would have been good.


Overall the food was tasty and portioned well, so you certainly can not go wrong visiting The Park Kitchen and Bar for any occasion.


The Foodie