Quick Pizza at home

Nothing too fancy.  Store bought pizza dough, sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, asiago cheese and fresh basil.


I tried something I have never done and that was to hand toss the dough.  It worked surprisingly well.  I will definitely have to try again.  When you look at the pizza below, you can tell which one was hand tossed versus stretched.  Sure my technique can use some polish, but that will come with time.



Yes the one on the left was hand tossed.  Sure it’s not great, but for the first time…


Anyway, after spreading on the tomato sauce, pepperoni and cherry tomatoes, it was into the oven for about 8 or so minutes to start the cooking process.  Then on the mozzarella, asiago cheese and fresh basil.  Next time we’ll do the basil once it comes out of the oven.  It really wilts in the heat!






The Foodie