Pizza stuffed bread bowl

I’ve often drolled over the Tasty Made videos among others and even attempted a couple.  Well this was another one worthy of trying.  I think the only thing I would do differently is use a focaccia bread instead of my miracle boule bread.  The crust on this bread made it difficult to cut and eat.  A soft focaccia would make this recipe a real winner.




Started off by cutting the top off my Miracle Boule and removing the insides.



Then all I had to do was layer in the tomato sauce, meat, fresh basil leaves and cheese.











Once the bread was full, I put the top back on ready for the next step.




The next step involved putting a heavy weight on top to help compress the loaf.




After about 15 minutes, wrap the loaf in tin foil and pop it into the oven with the heavy weight.


Sorry for the crappy picture.  Not sure what the hell happened there.  Must have been a motion shot!




After about 30 minutes, enough time to get everything cooked and the cheese all melty, pull it out and remove the tin foil.  Top with more cheese and pop it back into the oven to crisp up.






Slice up and serve.




The Foodie