Another breakfast over the fire

Up early at the cottage this weekend, so decided to cook breakfast over the fire.  First thing first is to get the fire going.





From there it’s just a matter of getting the coals and fire just right for the cooking process.




Whenever you are cooking bacon, it is always good to have a guard dog on duty.


Once the bacon is near done, it is time to get the onions and peppers going.  We like to call this our hash brown mix because it adds so much flavour to the hash browns it is a must.  Some salt and pepper and leftover bacon fat and you are good to go.




With the veggies cooked for a few minutes, add your shredded potatoes and get to cooking.







Sadly this next photo is out of focus.  I’m not sure why.  About the only thing I can think of is it focused on some smoke from the fire and thus blurred the background.  We went with scrambled eggs this time.  The trick to scrambled eggs is sour cream!  Who knew?  Anyway, I had to slowly pour the eggs onto the griddle to keep them from spreading too much.  Basically created a mote with cooked eggs so the remainder of the eggs would be held in place while they cooked.




Once everything was done, it was time to plate and oh man, there is nothing finer than eating breakfast and sipping hot coffee while looking out over the valley.




The Foodie