Smoking ribs

For a recent party, I decided to make up 5 racks of ribs on the smoker.  Nothing beats a fall off the bones plate of ribs for any occasion.  Just make sure you have plenty of wipes available for the fingers.





First thing is to get the coals ready for the smoke.  While the coals are heating, it is a great time to prepare your room temperature ribs.





I slather my ribs with French’s yellow mustard before liberally applying my rub.  For any rub, follow the third/third/third rule.  One third salt, one third sugar and one third seasoning.  For me, it usually has garlic and onion salt, oregano, basil, onion powder, mustard powder, cayenne, plain white sugar and one additional sugar like coconut sugar.




Because I was cooking too many racks to fit my smoker, I had to use two levels and round my ribs.





After about 3 hours of smoking with mesquite wood, I wrapped the ribs in tin foil and continued to cook for a couple more hours.  Sadly I did not take any after shots as we were in full on party mode and the feasting was in full effect.  Thankfully I do have some left overs in the freezer, so the next time we’re at the cottage I’ll be re-heating the over the fire to relive the deliciousness!


The Foodie