Pepper Jack Mac ‘N Cheese Pie

Yeah I know that sounds like a lot of carbs, but oh man it was sooo worth it!




Start the ball rolling by pre-baking your pie crust.  I just bought a pre-made pie crust to make life easier.  Before baking I melted some butter and added garlic powder to it, the brushed it on the pie crust.




While the pie crust is baking, get your pasta going and your cheese sauce.


I used Fusilli pasta and for an added kick, added jalapeno smokies near the end.



Drain the pasta while you finish the cheese sauce.




Cheese sauce starts like all other cheese sauces.  Melt butter and add equal amounts of flour.  Then add milk and/or cream and continue to whisk until it thickens.  Then add your cheese, mustard powder, salt and pepper.  For this recipe, I used Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese as we were going for a spicy pasta pie.



Now add the sauce to your pasta and mix well.



Once all mixed, fill your pie crust.




Top with more Pepper Jack cheese and put into the oven.




Once the cheese has melted, turn on the broiler to get everything melting and golden brown.



Remove from the oven and let stand about five or so minutes to help set.



Serve and enjoy.




The Foodie