Spiralled Zucchini and Angel Hair Pasta faux Carbonara


I know it sounds like a mouthful a delicious delicious mouthful and it was.



In a effort to help cut carbs and calories, I decided to try half angel hair pasta (it was the only spaghetti like pasta we had on hand) and half spiralled zucchini noodles.


First I started frying chopped up bacon, with minced garlic and put the pasta on to boil.  Once the bacon was cooked I added a Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs cheese package and stirred about.  I then added about a third of a cup of milk to help thin out the cheese.  At this point the angel hair pasta was pretty much done, so I added the spiralled zucchini to the water to help heat it up.


Then the shrimp when into the sauce along with some salt and pepper.  Then using a pasta scoop, I scooped the pasta and zucchini from the boiling water straight into the sauce.  The added starch from the water still clinging to the noodles help to make a creamier sauce.  A quick toss with some parmesan cheese and this was ready for the plate.  You’ll notice there was no egg in this carbonara sauce that is because it was a faux carbonara sauce.  By using the thinned out Boursin cheese with a little pasta water, the sauce was creamy enough.


The Foodie