Disney Inspired Breakfast

Wanted some homemade Latkes so we picked up a potato and an onion when at the grocery stored.  I’ve yet to master the Hollandaise sauce, so we also picked up a Hollandaise sauce packet as well.  While rummaging around in the kitchen cabinets I came across a Mickey Head shaped cutter, so an idea was born.



I know it doesn’t look much like Mickey, but wait…



My recipe for Latkes is pretty simple.


1 large shredded potato

1/2 Onion finely chopped

1/4 cup flour

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste


Shred the potato into a bowl and then grab the shredded potato by small handfuls and squeeze out as much liquid as you can.  Place the squeezed potato in a different bowl.  To that add the chopped onion, flour, egg and salt and pepper.  The best tip I can give on making great Latkes is to squeeze out as much liquid from the potatoes as you can.  Trust me on this.


Once all mixed, I placed the Latkes mix into the cutter and cooked a little before flipping and removing from the mould.



I did the same with the second Latke and now I have 2 Mickey head shaped Latkes going.



When the Latkes were close to being done cooking, I started the Hollandaise sauce and started the sunny side eggs.



Not sure what the camera focused on as it certainly wasn’t the eggs.  Oh well you get the idea.  For perfect sunny side eggs, I use a glass lid to cover the frying pan.  This creates an oven like area to help cook the top of the eggs.  A glass covers allows me to see what is going on so I know when the eggs are done.


Once the eggs have started cooking, I added cheese to the Latkes.



The it was time for assembly.


Latke, topped with melty cheese a sunny side up egg, and some bacon for good measure.




Top with the Hollandaise sauce and enjoy with a nice hot cup of coffee.



The Foodie