Cowboy stew



Another chance to cook over the fire came up this weekend, so I jumped on it.  Time for more Cowboy stew.


The first thing to do was get the fire going.  We had plans for the afternoon, so I had to get an early start on this.




Then try to find the grill grate.  It was buried under snow.  Thankfully I had some idea of where it was.


Then it was time to get the cast iron stew pot heated and the meat in.


After browning the meat, I added a couple cans of button mushrooms with their juice, some mixed veggies, a beef stock package and some water.



Added some potatoes and barley and gave it a good stir.



Now it was time to let is cook for a bit.



Doesn’t that look wonderful?



Cowboy stew at its finest.



The Foodie