Bacon Wrapped Mashed Potatoes stuffed with Raclette Cheese

Yes that is a mouthful when it comes to recipe names, but it is necessary to describe this delicious creation.



Start by boiling your favorite potato and mashing using whatever method you prefer.  For this recipe, I mashed the potatoes with butter, milk, parmesan, romano and mozzarella cheeses and salt and pepper.


Start off by laying out your bacon on a parchment line baking sheet.



Spread the mashed potatoes across the bacon and flatten out.



At this time you could add additional spices if you want.  I just left natural for this first attempt.


Top the mashed potatoes with thick slices of Raclette cheese.



Now gently roll up.



You can add a rub to the outside of the bacon if you want extra flavour.  I just added pepper to mine before placing in the oven.

Place in a 400ºF pre-heated oven and bake until the bacon is crispy on top.



Remove from the oven and let stand a few minutes to allow the potatoes and cheese to stiffen a little.  Slice and serve as a side to your favorite meat dish.  He we paired it with Maple chicken breast and peaches and cream corn.





The Foodie