Cookina Grill Mats

A thread over at BBQ Brethren on Grill Mats was almost like a premonition of things to come.  While at Costco this past Saturday, we found these.  Cooking Barbecue Grilling Sheets.


Add to the crazy coincidence we planned on having burgers that evening for dinner.  So it was a no brainer.

After washing one, I took it out to the grill to check size.  Width wise was fine as it covered about 75% of the grill surface.  Depth wise it needed some trimming.  It was about 2 inches too deep for the grill I own.  After that, it was time to give it a try.  Unfortunately the day was rather breezy.  I use that term loosely as the wind was incredibly strong.  I had a hard time getting the grill started and once I did get it started, keeping the temp up was hard.



Regardless of the hardship, it was time to get the burger patties on the grill mat.  Was a bit of a challenge with the wind as when I opened the BBQ lid, the matt would flip up on the one side.  Once the patties were down though, it held the mat in place.


Here in lies the difficulties.  Keeping the temp up with the wind.  But being the smart guy I am, I turned the grill and pulled it more into the centre of the small patio and things improved.




The grill mat did save the bacon though.  A strong gust of wind blew the bacon off the burgers before the protective layer of cheese could be added.  The mat prevented the bacon from falling into the burners and thus ruining what was turning out to be a great day!



Having some leftover waffles from breakfast, we decided on open faced waffle burgers.



Over all, the mats were a success.  I like the size and that you can custom fit them to your grill.  Clean up was a breeze and storage the same, either flat or rolled using the supplied ring to hold it in place.  I would assume these grill mats could also be used in the oven  either on the oven racks or on a cookie sheet.  I am looking forward to trying them again, hopefully on a less windy day to see how they really shine.


The Foodie.