Himalayan Salt Block Cookies?

Yes the title is not a mistake.  It was either Instagram or Pinterest or maybe even Facebook where we saw someone baking cookies on a salt block.  Well not to be outdone, I had to try it.  Only I like to kick things into a different gear, so I opted to cook mine over the camp fire.




We’ve done a previous cook on our salt block over the campfire using thinly sliced potatoes and whole shrimp.  So I took a wire brush to the salt block to quickly wipe away any potential for cross flavour contamination.  Then it was onto the edge of the fire to start slowly heating the salt block up.



Once the salt block was hot, it was time for the cookies.  I did not go with home made (next time) as we’ve pretty limited space in the cottage while the house is being built, so we picked up some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie dough from Extra Foods.



Since the salt block is not that large, the cookes were cooked in 2 batches.  This did pose somewhat of a problem as when you normally bake cookies, you take them out of the oven to let cook before taking off the cookie sheet.  When using a salt block it stays hot, so the cookies stay soft when trying to remove them.  Thankfully it wasn’t a disaster getting them off.  Next time I’ll use a metal flipper to remove them.



Anyway to make the cookies properly I added a dome to the top to help trap the heat to evenly bake the cookies.



Took a peek to see how they are doing!



All done.




How do you serve cookies baked in this manner?  Why with coffee with Irish cream of course.



The Foodie