Bacon Wrapped Pierogi Lasagna

Yep.  You read that correctly.  Carb and bacon heaven.



All all started coming together when I grabbed myself a couple cast iron loaf pans.



The idea of cooking over the fire and really thinking outside the box and using these pans started my creative juices flowing.  Would it be bread?  Would it be meatloaf?  What would it be?  Well it just so happened that the BBQ Brethren were holding a throwdown that involved bacon.  Ok.  An idea was born.


First things first.  Get the fire going so there are plenty of coals and heat for the cooking.

Then get the loaf pans out and lined with bacon.



Then it was to the other ingredients.  Get the lasagna sheets boiling.  Get the mashed potatoes ready.  Get the cheese sliced and ready.  Get the butter fried onions ready.



Once the lasagna noodles were ready, it was time for assembly.  Start by putting down one lasagna noodle.


Add a generous layer of mashed potatoes.



Layer on some Tillamook Extra Sharp White Cheddar cheese.



spread out some butter and onions.



Now repeat until you reach the top of the pan.  Which as it turns out was only one more layer of each.  Then folder the bacon on the top and prep for the fire.  Which was basically covering with tin foil.




During the cooking process, I did pour off some of the fat from the bacon and cheese as it rendered down.  Once I was happy with the initial cook, it was time to remove the tin foil and dome the pans to help crisp up the top.



The results were fantastic.  A little overdone on the bottom, but still very tasty.


What it looks like the next day after chilling in the fridge.



Drop on a dollop of sour cream and enjoy with your favorite frosty beverage.


Overall I think this was a pretty good first attempt at something like this.  Oh by the way, I did not with the throwdown, but I did get a couple votes.  Maybe my photography skills on the pic could have been better.


If I do make this again…and that is a high probability, I’ll pre cook the bacon a bit to help render off some of the fat.  I’ll also shred the cheese and mix into the potatoes to be more like a pierogi.  This way I can cook it quicker and not over cook the bottom.


Thanks for looking.


The Foodie