Cinnamon Apple Muffins

We have a Gala apple tree on our property in BC that produced a good crop of apples this year.  With the coming frost it was time to harvest the crop before the frost damaged the apples or the squirrels ate them.




Yep, that there is frost on top of the mountain.  This means us mortal folks along the edge of the mountain will soon see that on the ground.



With that in mind it was time to harvest the crop.  As I mentioned earlier, either the frost will damage the apples or the damn squirrels will eat them.  Evidence provided.  Partially eaten apple still on the tree.



Overall, I pulled about 4 dozen apples off the tree.  Not bad considering the tree was a stunted bonsai looking tree when we first bought the property.



So with that many apples, it was time to start baking.  I found this recipe on Facebook and decided to give it a try.


Luckily we had all the ingredients, so making them was easy peasy.


Basically it was everybody into the pool.  I did find the recipe to be rather dry, so I did up the milk content a little.  Even then it was thick going into the muffin tins.  The crumble topping is what put these muffins over the top.  I do like a crispy topping on my muffins.



After baking it was hard to wait for them to cool enough to eat.



These were definitely a great muffin and I’ll certainly keep this recipe for future harvests from our tree.



The Foodie