Grilled Pork Loin

Nothing like getting the grill fired up on the weekend and cooking a mouth watering meal the family raves about.  Since we will be moving soon, we’ve been cleaning out the freezer.  At the bottom I found 2 pork loins and it was time to get creative.



To start with, it was coming up with a marinade.  Again since we are moving, I decided to use what we have in the fridge to see what can be used up.  I started with Soy sauce and worcestershire sauce and some canola oil.  The it was time to get creative.  I added some Colgin liquid smoke, Tapatio hot sauce, dehydrated garlic and onions, browning liquid and fresh ground black pepper.  Once everything was in the bag, I smushed it around, then back into the fridge for a few hours.


An hour before cooking time, I pulled the pork loin from the fridge to help get it up to room temperature.  I then got the grill smoking hot so that I can get a good sear before moving over for some indirect cooking.




Once I got a good sear on all sides, it was off to the side of the grill for some indirect cooking.



Once the internal temp hit 145ºF, it was off the grill for a period of resting prior to cutting and serving.


After 10 minutes of resting under a tin foil cover, it was time to carve and serve.



One juicy pork loin for sure.


Garlic mashed potatoes and corn for a side, you have a meal fit for a king.



The Foodie