Home made chicken soup stock

Typically when it comes to roast chicken I normally toss all the fat, bones and chicken parts they put in that little bag and stuff inside the carcass.  This time however I decided to try my hand at making some chicken stock.


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Carba-nada Pasta

If you are on a low carb diet the hunt for a suitable pasta stand-in that is both tasty and pasta like, Carba-nada from Al Dente Pasta Company, may just fill that need.  The list of ingredients are not odd or exotic so you do know what you are eating.  Durum Semolina Flour, Wheat Gluten, Non GMO Digestive Resistant Cornstarch, Non GMO Defatted Soy Flour, Whole Eggs, Water, Basil. Contains: wheat, egg and soy.



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