Carba-nada Pasta

If you are on a low carb diet the hunt for a suitable pasta stand-in that is both tasty and pasta like, Carba-nada from Al Dente Pasta Company, may just fill that need.  The list of ingredients are not odd or exotic so you do know what you are eating.  Durum Semolina Flour, Wheat Gluten, Non GMO Digestive Resistant Cornstarch, Non GMO Defatted Soy Flour, Whole Eggs, Water, Basil. Contains: wheat, egg and soy.




Nutritionally, the Carba-nada offers lower calories, lower fat and lower carbohydrates, but it does have higher cholesterol and sodium than standard pasta.


Taste wise, the Carba-nada Basil Fettuccine that we purchased was very good.  They do ask that you not over cook the pasta, but the three minute cook time was a little too al dente for our tastes and was closer to 7 minutes by the time we were happy with the doneness.  Toothsome, but not too chewy.  For our first use of this pasta, we choose to do a carbonara.  So to start, we used Harvest Thick Sliced Bacon as a substitute for Prosciutto.  Chopped and into a large frying pan.  Nothing beats the sound and smell of bacon cooking!


Do not drain any of the fat as  you will always hear chefs say…”fat is flavour.”  Since carbonara comes together rather quickly at the end, get your eggs ready and the pasta into salted boiling water.



A normal carbonara only uses the egg yolk, but we find the whole egg works just as well and adds to the creaminess of the final dish.  When the pasta is done to your liking, it is time to get things into the bacon.  Do not drain the pasta, rather scoop it directly from the boiling water into the frying pan.  Be careful as water and hot grease do not react nicely to each other and you will get a lot of jumping water and hot fat as you add the pasta.



Toss about well and always always add extra pasta water to aid in the creaminess of the final dish.  Also save some of the pasta water to add later if necessary.  Add your parmesan cheese (in our dish we used grated Asiago cheese) and continue to toss.  If it seems “dry” add more pasta water.  Once everything is blended and piping hot, turn off the heat and add the eggs.  Continue to toss around while the eggs cook.



Once done, you can plate and garnish with more cheese.




The Foodie