New Grill

When we moved from our house in McKenzie Lake to an apartment in Quarry Park, I had to give up my natural gas grill.  It was over 15 years old and was showing signs of depreciation.  I had updated some parts along the way, but with no natural gas hook-up in the apartment and the age, it was time for it to be scrapped.  After a couple months in the apartment it became apparent I needed a grill.  Not wanting to spend too much on a grill for a place we were not planning on staying long at, we hit Walmart and picked up a $150 grill.




You do get what you pay for.  The grill is cheap and as such, the grates inside rusted within the first year and it was not the most stable of grills on the market.  But it suited its purpose and we did grill some great meals on it.  But in the new place in the country it was apparent this was not going to keep me happy.  So we picked up a new grill last week.


The Broil King Signet 90.



It all starts with a box.



A heavy box.  But a box nonetheless.  What’s in the box?  Parts…and a lot of em.



Well no use standing around.  Time to get busy.  What I did find odd, was that the instruction manual contains no words.  Just illustrations.  Now I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but man a few words would have been nice.

After a short while I had the grill assembled only to realize I had a few extra parts left over.  So I had to dismantle most of it to allow me to put those parts back in!  Sigh!


Anyway, the assembly completed and it was onto the back deck and its new home.



The inaugural grill would have to wait a day as I was seasoning the cast iron grates in the oven.  I had limited propane left and didn’t want to waste it seasoning the grills in place.  Unfortunately the seasoning process stinks up the house, but we persevered and the grill was ready for dinner the next night.


So what do you cook for an inaugural grill?  Steak of course.



Start with the mushrooms, then move onto the steak.



Then finally add the asparagus and admire the view.



Then it is into the house for a few minutes of rest while the plating is set up.



Talk about a plate of goodness.



Can not wait for the next opportunity to get grilling!