Chicken Alfredo Pizza


This looks like a pizza of art and it certainly tasted like it.  Using the cast iron skillet pre-heated on the grill certainly helped keep the crust nice and crispy and easily stood up to the crust bend test.


First things first.  There is a bakery in town, Golden Flower Bakery that makes fantastic pizza dough and it’s only $1.50.  This dough also works great when frozen and thawed in the fridge before use.  While the dough is coming up to room temperature, let’s get started on the toppings.

Start with some olive oil and butter in a skillet and brown some onions and garlic.  Once the onions are translucent, add your cubed chicken breast.  Cook thoroughly.


Once the chicken is done, add your alfredo sauce and parmesan or asiago cheese.  Cook until the sauce thickens.


While the sauce thickens, get your cast iron skillet onto your grill.  Add about a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the pan and get it heating.


While the skillet heats up, time to get the dough rolled out and ready.



If you’re so inclined, flipped it in the air like a pizzaiolo and entertain your guests, but for me stretching the dough with a roller works just fine.  Sure it’s not perfectly round, but does the pie need to be perfect to taste good?

When the dough looks to be big enough to fit the pan, get the pan in and place your dough into it.  Be careful as the pan will be hot.  The dough will sizzle when you first put it in and it’s like a small symphony playing just for you!  You will want to work fairly quickly so that the skillet does not cool down too much.


Carefully get the dough into the pan and partially up the sides.  Then add in your toppings.




No is the time to add the cheese.  On a recent road trip to Oregon we stopped at the Tillamook Dairy and toured their cheese factory.  While there we picked up some cracked black pepper cheddar.  This along with some grated asiago cheese went on top.

Now back onto the grill to cook.


With the grill hovering around 500ºF the pizza won’t take too long to cook, especially with the pre-heated skillet.  After about 5 or so minutes take a peek to see what you’ve got going on.


The cheese should be melted and the dough should start showing signs of doneness.  Now the hard part comes.  Waiting for it to be done.  Depending on how hot your grill is, it can take about 10 minutes at the most to complete cooking.  Remember you are not using a pizza oven running at 800+ degrees.

Keep an eye on the pie every minute or so looking for the dough to be golden and the cheese to be crispy.


When it looks like this it is done.  I thought I would have to use the broiler in the oven to cook the top, but this looked about as good to me as any pizza out there.

Cut and serve.  Be careful, the pizza will be hot.



Now that you know how to cook your pizza in cast iron and on the grill, don’t stop.  Let your imagination run wild with the style and flavours you put in your pizza.


The Foodie,