No Knead Cheddar Skillet Bread

One thing I do love and that is bread.  The smell, texture and taste.  It doesn’t matter how the bread is prepared and what ingredients are in it I love it.  Well with one exception.  I’m not a big fan of olives, so if there is a choice between two breads and one has olives, I’ll choose the other!

So when I came across a no knead skillet bread, I was intrigued.  I’ve made several no knead breads in the past so this should be a fairly easy recipe to follow.

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New Grill

When we moved from our house in McKenzie Lake to an apartment in Quarry Park, I had to give up my natural gas grill.  It was over 15 years old and was showing signs of depreciation.  I had updated some parts along the way, but with no natural gas hook-up in the apartment and the age, it was time for it to be scrapped.  After a couple months in the apartment it became apparent I needed a grill.  Not wanting to spend too much on a grill for a place we were not planning on staying long at, we hit Walmart and picked up a $150 grill.



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