This is all about low and slow and smoky flavours.  Here is where you get to be the real master of flavour.  From the rubs you create to the woods you use to smoke the meat.  This is where taste really comes to play.



With smoking, patients is a virtue.  Coxing the flavour into your meat and tenderizing it by slowly breaking down the meat to tender fall of the bone deliciousness.


When it comes to rubs, always remember things are best done in thirds:


1/3 Salt

1/3 Sugar

1/3 spice blend


The sugar and spices is where you get to become the flavour master.  There are numerous kinds of sugar out there from basic white sugar, to cane sugar, to coconut sugar.  Experiment with sugars to meet the desired taste to go with your choice of meat.


For spices, go crazy.  Blend all kinds of spices together.  Basil, oregano, garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne, thyme, rosemary…the list is almost endless.  Go nuts with flavour combinations.


As for salts, here there are becoming more and more options.  Himalayan pink salts, volcanic salts, onion salt, garlic salt and on and on and on.


There is a world of flavour out there to be had.  Mix it up and enjoy.  One tip though.  Write down your mixes so you know what you put into it…in case it becomes a favourite.  That way you’ll know how to reproduce it.



The Foodie