First Smoke at the Cottage

Got the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker out at the cottage and it was time for the first smoke.

First thing first is to get the charcoal going so it’s ready for the cooking process.

Once the coals are almost completely white, it’s time to get the cooker assembled and the meat on.

For low and slow ribs you want to keep the temperature between 200 and 250ºF to allow the maximum smoke penetration.  It’s all about flavour for the first little bit.

For this cook I was a little high to start, but with some fiddling of the air intakes, I was able to bring the temp down.  A little spray bottle with some apple juice helped with the crust on the ribs.  When the ribs were close to about an hour away from being down, I threw on some beef sausage links.

Great addition to this cook.

Some some pan fried potatoes, it was a meal perfect for a cold snowy day.

The Foodie