Chicken Alfredo Pizza


This looks like a pizza of art and it certainly tasted like it.  Using the cast iron skillet pre-heated on the grill certainly helped keep the crust nice and crispy and easily stood up to the crust bend test.

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New Grill

When we moved from our house in McKenzie Lake to an apartment in Quarry Park, I had to give up my natural gas grill.  It was over 15 years old and was showing signs of depreciation.  I had updated some parts along the way, but with no natural gas hook-up in the apartment and the age, it was time for it to be scrapped.  After a couple months in the apartment it became apparent I needed a grill.  Not wanting to spend too much on a grill for a place we were not planning on staying long at, we hit Walmart and picked up a $150 grill.



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Jalapeno Relish

If you like things a little spicy, my Jalapeno Relish may be for you! Grab a bunch of beautiful jalapenos from you garden, farmers market or local grocer and in about 30 minutes you can make jars of it for your enjoyment and for gift giving. MY friend Molly has been up to her eyeballs in jalapenos. She is known for her killer Stuffed Jalapenos, however just how many of those can you eat?  Wait don’t answer that…My husband would actually eat them every single day if given the opportunity! After receiving 2 lots of jalapenos from her, and not wanting any to go

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